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After several years traveling through Asia I can’t help but be fascinated by these lands and their diversity. From India to Indonesia passing through China, Myanmar or Cambodia these are the female portraits that have captivated me the most. One of the interesting aspect for me is the great difference that exists between all the people in terms of culture, background and expressions. Each of them is at a different time in their life and day, whether it is performing daily tasks, going to a place of worship, working, playing or simply on the way to somewhere else. I hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed taking these portraits and meeting these people.

Mary Varanasi, India 2019

India Portrait

Mary Varanasi, India 2019

India portrait travels

Cyan Puri, India 2019

portrait india 2019

Eyes Varanasi, India 2019

myanmar tattoos

Ancient Tattoos Mrauk U, Myanmar 2016

burma childcare

Simple living Mrauk U, Myanmar 2016

portrait burma

Blurry Eyes Mrauk U, Myanmar 2016

bangkok street dance

Street Dancers Bangkok, Thailand 2016

floating market thailand

Floating Shop Bangkok, Thailand 2016

China travel portrait

Afternoon at the Temple Doors Dali, China 2016

china travel

Hani Yunnan, China 2016

china travel portrait

Harvest Yunnan, China 2016

china travel

Ancient Lifestyle Yunnan, China 2016


Outbreak of COVID-19 Leshan, China 2020

vietnam travel

Cigarette Vendor Hoi An, Vietnam 2016

Cambodia portrait

Fun Afternoons Siam Reap, Cambodia 2016

portrait cambodia

Security smiles Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2016

cambodia travel portrait

Responsabilities Siem Reap, Cambodia 2016

malaysia travelling

Cook Penang, Malaysia 2019

malaysia portrait islam

Colours Pangkor, Malaysia 2019

malaysia travel

Sister Pangkor, Malaysia 2019

indonesia travelling

Suspicion Bandung, Indonesia 2016

"Temple Keeper" Bali, Indonesia 2019

Temple Keeper Bali, Indonesia 2019

FLores indonesia travel

Paddy Flores, Indonesia 2020


Matriarch Flores, Indonesia 2020

portrait Indonesia

Mourning Tana Toraja, Indonesia 2019

Sulawesi bunaken

Gossip Pulau Bunaken, Sulawesi 2019

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Pinterest Portraits be kurious
Pinterest Portraits be kurious
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