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TANA TORAJA: Exploring Sulawesi 



Tana Toraja is one of the most interesting areas that I have been fortunate enough to visit in the country of Indonesia. The Toraja people mainly inhabit this valley called Tana Toraja and where you can witness and experience the most interesting traditions. The Toraja have a completely unique way of understanding life and especially death and have managed to keep their beliefs and ways of honoring the dead intact until now. I had the opportunity to visit this area of the island of Sulawesi as a backpacker and it was an incredible experience, I hope that with this video you can perceive the culture and ways of life of this interesting people. (I have tried to avoid images that may hurt the sensitivity of the observer since the Toraja funerals are known for their buffalo and pig sacrifices).

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Tana Toraja
Tana Toraja backpacking video
Tana Toraja backpacking video
Tana Toraja backpacking video
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