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Cat Ba: Kayak adventure

Cát Bà is a fascinating island just by the world famous natural wonder of Ha Long Bay. Less known than the classic touristic area, the island of Cat BA and it’s surroundings share the same landscape, but with a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere. I couldn’t think of a better way to explore it’s infinite rock formations, caves and beaches than by kayak. Without any doubt discovering the area on my own with a kayak was the highlight of my visit to Vietnam. In this story I share some pictures from that epic day, I hope you enjoy. 

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My itinerary started at around 9am and I went kayaking mainly around the area of Lan Ha bay and Ha Long Bay. I didn’t follow an specific route and just simply let my curiosity to guide me around the different rock formations. I found all those cliffs and caves so inspiring and exiting to explore that I spent my full day finding hidden corners and lagoons. During all day I saw not even one other traveler on kayak as most of the people go on the cruises that basically bring you to 4-5 known spots. However the area is so extended and diverse that exploring on your own will bring you to places as amazing as the touristy ones but untouched.

limestone Clift ha long bay

I also found some floating houses and small villages, apparently the area is know for pearl harvesting. Probably because these communities and the thousands of cruises that frequent these bay the water is unfortunately not very clean. I imagine that without the human impact these waters would be pristine and turquoise, sadly that’s not the case.  

scenery in ha long bay
cave by kayak in ha long bay
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exploring cat ba
floating house in ha long bay
viewpoint in cat ba
fishermen in ha long bay
highlight in ha long bay
sunset point cat ba
floating village cat ba

Cat Ba is undoubtedly a naturally fascinating area to visit because it offers an unique landscape, impossible to find anywhere else on earth. Kayaking around the bay is in my opinion the best way to discover it as you will find yourself alone in amazing untouched parts of this otherwise very known and visited area. 

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