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Singapore is a fascinating city that attracts millions of tourists a year. The visitor can find an unique city that even seems out of place when compared to the rest of the main capitals of Southeast Asia. At first sight the visitor encounters a mix between jungle and futuristic architecture in perfect synchrony. If we keep looking, the presence of different cultures such as the Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu fill it with color, festivities and places of worship of many kind. These are the images that I took on one of my trips to this interesting city.

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Singapore has large green areas that mix with the city at multiple points, that’s definitely one of my favorite things to see in the city. But among all of the parks the gardens of the bay are without any doubt the most famous site. One of the most emblematic views of the city is combining the famous artificial trees, along with the mythical Marina Bay Sands hotel.

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Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by the British Thomas Stamford Raffles as a trading post for the British East India Company with the permission of the Sultanate of Johor. The United Kingdom gained sovereignty over the island in 1824 and it became one of the British Straits Colonies in 1826. Occupied by the Japanese during World War II, Singapore declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1963 as one more state of Malaysia through an incorporation referendum, from which it split two years later.

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Since then Singapore has prospered remarkably to become one of the most powerful economic hubs in Asia and even in the world. However, it still maintains a large number of old buildings and carefully protects all the historical legacy it once had. On the other hand it is also a modern city that cares about art and culture. Proof of this is the presence of murals and pieces of street art together with glass buildings and theaters. 

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Without a doubt one of the things that foreigners find more interesting is the presence of religious centers of different religions very close to each other. And that is because in Singapore the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim communities coexist peacefully, even if they don’t mix much. So do the 4 main languages: Tamil, Chinese, English and Malay.

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Singapore is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to live for its small space and high demand for accommodation. It will be difficult for the traveler to find cheap hotels or hostels although it is possible to find some options, the Little India neighborhood is probably the best for budget accommodation. It is also possible to find quality food at good prices, normally in the food courts of the shopping centers, a very popular choice among the locals.

Singapore is undoubtedly a very interesting city to visit since it preserves much of its history and also has generated a new version of itself, ultra modern but at the same time in harmony with nature. Besides, it’s one of the main air hubs of the region making it very easy to spend a few days to discover the city. 

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