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SIARGAO: Photos to inspire your travels

Siargao island is becoming more popular every year, not a big surprise as it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. It started as a surfing paradise and has slowly become a touristic destination for any kind of tourist. However this increase in visitors has not yet affected its autenticity and charm.

siargao travel map
Man with water bufalo in Siargao

Meeting the locals is always an interesting experience in the Philippines as they are usually very open and willing to interact with the visitors.

I took a direct flight from Manila and the view from the plane while we approached the island was amazing.

drone view over siargao
drone shots siargao
Best beach in siargao

I decided to stay in the town called Pacifico which happens to be very relaxed and laid back if compared with the fast growing and bigger General Luna, where most of the accomodation can be found.

bangaray in siargao

Pacifico was deffinetly the best place to stay in my opinion as the vibe of the town was lovely and the mix of locals and visitors in perfect balance.

The local boats called Bangka are made of wood and with two characteristic poses on the sides to maintain balance. These boats have very little draft, which allows them to navigate very shallow waters.


Surfing is clearly one of the most popular activities in siargao, the island has a lot of surf spots for all levels

best spot to surf in siargao

The island also has a multitude of waterfalls and caves. My favorites without a doubt Tayangban cove and in the photo Taktak waterfall

Best waterfalls in siargao
caridad beautiful town in siargao

In the photo you can see one of my favorite towns on the island: Caridad. The town is made up of wooden houses and the customs are more traditional than in other towns in Siargao. From the first moment I saw it, I fell in love with its beach, atmosphere and crystal clear waters

caridad town panoramic
famous bent tree in siargao

This palm tree that can be seen in the photo is one of the best known views of the island, local people usually come to have fun and jump into the water from it


This palm tree lined road is also a very popular spot on the island and attracts tourists and instagram fanatics of all kinds

Famous palm road in Siargao
Magpupungko in siargao

Magpupungko rock pools is also one of the most visited sites, these natural pools with crystal clear water can be enjoyed at low tide

The lushness of the jungle in Siargao is impressive

jungle in siargao

Wandering around the island on a motorcycle and discovering its corners is undoubtedly one of my favorite activities

The interior of the island is full of small roads between rice paddies and palm groves

green palm trees in philippines

The island is full of beautiful beaches, it is in the northeast part of my favorites

Palm trees in siargao
siargao beach pantai

The sea in siargao is normally quite rough, which is why it is a destination for surfers

Surfing in siargao
top 10 things to do in siargao

The town of Santa Monica is a very interesting seaside town to visit

Travelling in siargao by Tuk Tuk

The color of the rice fields in contrast to the palm trees and the mountains offers beautiful views

Locals enjoy the beach

white beach in siargao

The painted wooden structures in the beach areas are perfect to pass the time and hide from the harsh weather

wood hut in siargao
travelling by boat in siargao

To sum up, Siargao is a very interesting island and it has a lot to offer. I am not surprised that it is getting more and more popular, it certainly has something special. Whether you are looking for waves to surf, quiet beaches, caves to explore or just to get to know the Philippine island lifestyle, Siargao has for sure something for you

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